Affiliated by CBSE Board New Delhi | Parent Body - Shri Sheesh Ram Memorial Trust, Satikund, Kankhal, Haridwar


Founder's Message

This Puranic site of Satikund is associated with the tale of sacrifice of the Shakti in the form of “Sati” of Lord Shiva. The areas around it, some feel, are surcharged with energy and thought of collective welfare.

However contemporary stage of Human development is marked with explosion of absolutely new and unexpected information and innovative technology but has filled human life with some joy but lots of difficulties and anxieties.

This challenge is posing some problems to the educational campus, opposite Satikund known as “Smt. Shakuntala Shastri Educational Campus” of which M.C.S. Bal Vidyapeeth Sr. Secondary, Co-Ed(Affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi) is also a part. This the latest unit in the educational campus founded by Late. Smt. and Shri Mool Chandra Shastri during freedom and National movement(1935-36).

The challenges are two fold-

  • A- To de-stress our students from abstract tension of uncertain future, facebook and other digital data flood of information and uncontrolled allurements of material growth, what “Time-Magazine”(Nov. 2016) puts up as a very difficult situation even for American psychologists to treat American growing youth.
  • B- We are aware and doing our best to combat this menace as well to address to the ambition of esteemed parents to put their children to the top position. This is ironical situation and we have to find out ways.

M.C.S. School-Its teaching and Non-teaching staff and the Principal are doing their best inside the classrooms, labs and outside. By way of published works and other extra-curricular activities including games and sports we are collectively moving ahead towards practical and rational goal.

On this memorable day for the school, we welcome all the esteemed guests including our valuable parents and guardians who have graced the occasion.

The school is highly thankful for their gracious and valuable support.

Dr. Veena Shastri

Secretary Committee of Management

Dr. Ashok Shastri

Secretary, Governing Body