Affiliated by CBSE Board New Delhi | Parent Body - Shri Sheesh Ram Memorial Trust, Satikund, Kankhal, Haridwar


Rules & Regulations

School Rules & Attendance

  • All the students are axpected to be in School 10 minutes before the assembly begins, The are expected to line up in silence for the asembly at the sound of the first bell. After the assembly , they soould disperse in silence to their class.
  • Student are nor permitted to leav the school premises during class hours, excpect for very urgent reasons, and that too, after obtaining written premission from the office.
  • Not student wil hang around the campus or in the school building after the respective bells have been rung.
  • Students are forbidden to bring in to School valuable articles such as jewellery, costly fountain pens, camera, cell phone, watches extra. The School wil not be responsible for the loss any article.
  • Student not wearing the prescribed unbiform will be sent back home.
  • Satudents are not allowed to bring Scooty/Scooter/Bike in the School.
  • For the common interest the child sufering from an infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the School.
  • Cleanliness
    • The student must wear proper and clean School Uniform, polished shoes & clean shocks.
    • Eachh morning, before prayer, the class teacher will inspect each student on personal cleanlines.
    • All must consider it their special responsibility to keep the student on personal cleanliness.
    • After eating their Tiffin, the student musty see the place is clean.
    • They must have proper Hair cut, Nails cut, Ears, Nose & Eyes properly clean.
  • Absence leave for absence may be granted on application from parents / guardians, if the cause is genuine. Their request must be made in advance.
The following Rules & Regulations shall apply to the students of Secondary & Senior Secondary Classes
  • They shall endeavor to maintain 100% attendance. Absence is allowed only in case of ill-health.In case of ill-health, medical certificate has to be produced and parents may be called to the School.
  • The students are to attend School punctually, in time.
  • The students are to maintain proper uniform as per colour stitching prescribed by the school authorities.
  • The students arte to maintain proper haircut as prescribed by the school authorities.
  • No students is allowed to bring or meet any outsider within school hours, after or before school hours outside the campus.
  • The use of of motorized vehicles, motorcycle, moped, scooter etc. is totally prohibited.Bringing of any motorized vehicle to the school automatically leads to terminations of admission.
  • Students are to maintain discipline all times, They must obey their teachers. Any act of indiscipline will lead to termination of admission.
  • The students must follow the code of conduct mentioned in the prospectus at all times.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to cancel or terminate any admission at any time, for reasons related to obedience, academics, regularity etc.


  • The reason for absence of pupil from School, even for a day shall be given in writing to the Principal,
  • No leave from school is granted without prior approval of Principal.
  • In case of three consecutive leaves without application, the student’s name shall be struck-off and re-admission charged.

Principal Interview Hours

The principal will remain in the office on working days between 9.30 am to 10.30 am to grant an interview to the parents/guardians. Parents are advised to seek prior appointment over the telephone.
  • The parents are requested to note that the Principal can not see anyone after this time or on Sunday/holidays.
  • The parents are particularly requested be punctual on the above timings for meeting the Principal on appointments.
  • Only parents and one guardian (whose name is mentioned in the admission form) can inquire about the students.
  • Parents are particularly requested to meet the Principal if the child’s performance in the tests is unsatisfactory. They must meet the Principal when called.
  • All complaints should be submitted to the Principal’s office directly, in writing, not to any of the staff members.